Anarchy is refresented in the figure of a
                                   woman whose entire posture, body, eyes
                                   mouth announce fury. Her eyes are blind-
                                   folded, her eyelids tremble. Her hands are
                                   wet, her tufted hair tousled and her cloth-
                                   ing torn. She tramples over the book of
                                   the law and a bundle of sticks. She bran-
                                   dishes a knife and in the other hand a lit
                                   torch. On the ground at her sides lie a
                                   cracked acepter, a broken yoke, a prayer
                                   rug, a pearl necklace, a silk scarf and foam.
                                   Around her there is clotted blood, motor
                                   parts, nails, screws and puddles of urine.

                            Or again in the figure of a serpent that vomits and

De Tarnac, a preparation act,  de Jean-Marie Gleize
trad. de Joshua Clover y Bonnie Roy
Chicago, Kenning Editions, 2014.