"We had a dream together and in it we told each other that we would love each other forever and we meant it but we couldn’t agree about what it would mean and whether it meant that we would have to be strong and brave for each other all the time or if we could mainly relax and get stoned and watch TV and we weren’t sure if it meant we should tell each other what we wanted from each other or if it would be better to make the other person guess and then stay mad about it forever and in the end we weren’t even sure if it meant we had to love each other in the same place and the same time or if we could figure out how to do it more abstractly, as a sort of statement of principles that would not involve living in the same apartment and negotiating the dishes and the cleaning of the toilet and of the hidden areas on top of bookshelves and behind and beneath the furniture and because we could not agree about these matters we decided that perhaps it was better not to love one another at all or touch each other ever and we grew very cold and our skin began to crack and we fell to the earth and lay there remarking to one another that the wrinkles and fissures on the surface of the earth resembled the marks that were spreading on our own skin and we agreed that this was surely a coincidence."

Ben Ehrenreich, la "historia" completa pueden leerla  AQUÍ