"This is the world. I need to see it clearly. This empty streets and all they hold. The stranger who pads through my dreams. Or who would if  I could sleep, if I have dreams. But even here, on this dim porch, more awake than I want to be, I smell his tattered suit, the tired grease of him. I want you to see him too, wherever it is that you are reading this. On a train perhaps. On a sofa with your feet up. At your desk, pretending to work. On a hard, backless bench, waiting for the bus. In bed, beside someone or alone with the sheets. Did I guess right? It doesn´t matter. I want you to see him right here where I am, and in this empty street where he cannot be seen, and in the dark and sleepy rooms behind me where he also is not. I want you to see him as I see him, because I need you to see this world, and me in it, alone as you are. That does matter to me, though I can´t quite tell you why"

fragmento de Ether